Service Management and BRM


Service Management and BRMService Management professionals have been diligently building relationships, delivering value to the business in the form of services and connecting technology solutions to business problems for decades. BRM was introduced as a formal process by ITIL® in 2011 and since then IT Service Providers have attempted with varying levels of success to embrace Business Relationship Management. Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) was founded in 2013 with an explicit focus on driving superior business results. It has generated an extensive Body of Knowledge with contributions from a global membership of practitioners across multiple industries and provider types. BRM teams are being established in all kinds of organizations with many seeking the certifications and knowledge provided by the institute.

This online session describes the connection and interfaces between Service Management and Business Relationship Management.

The topics of this workshop include the following:

  • The interaction and relationships between BRM and Service Management
  • The role of the Service Delivery Manager and the role of the BRM. How they can work together to deliver value to the organization
  • How to avoid Value Leakage in investments in service management.
  • The relationship between Continual Service improvement and Value Optimization

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