Business Relationship Management Capability Improvement

Business Relationship Management Capability Improvement Workshop

Business Relationship Management Capability Improvement Workshop

Introduction to the workshop

The roadmap to improve the Business Relationship Management Capability is often seen as complex and difficult to understand, with many variables to consider. The approach you take will be unique to your organization.
In this workshop we simplify the process of coming up with a roadmap by using a discussion board that organizes the objectives, activities and stakeholders. The board comes with over 150 cards that are focused on improvement activities for the Business, the Business Relationship Management Team and the Provider. The activity cards are divided into the following categories:

  • Strategy & Goals
  • Value Management
  • Governance & Processes
  • Organizational Structure
  • Competencies & Skills
  • Education & Training
  • Communication
  • Measurements & Reporting

These pre-defined cards reduce the effort required, stimulates other ideas, and significantly reduce the time to come up with a roadmap. The discussion board will help to organize the ideas, in a clear format, so that the workshop can focus on the discussion. It helps keep the participants focused on what is important, instead of discussing the detail of the activities.

Step 1 – Intake Interview

Before the start of the workshop an intake interview and/or questionnaire is filled in. This will provide information for the facilitator that helps her/him to fine tune the workshop according to your organizations:

  • Strategic Context
  • Need for Change
  • Industry and geographical distribution
  • Business Relationship Management Team Goals and Objectives

Step 2 – The Workshop

The workshop is one day in length. The length is dependent on the level of detail that is required for the roadmap, and the time you have available. It is possible to combine this workshop with the Behaviour assessment and planning workshop.

BRM Capability Improvement

Discussion Board

The workshop will consist of the following activities:

  • Select the right Business Relationship Management Capability Objectives out of the predefined cards (or use blank cards to write your own).
  • Select activities that support your objectives.
  • Select which stakeholders will need to be involved.
  • Select the timeframes for your improvement.
  • Select Critical Success Factors and Risks.


Creation of a Business Relationship Management Capability improvement roadmap through a guided collaborative process. This roadmap will include the high level activities required and it will give the participants an opportunity to contribute. This results in a very high level of buy-in among key stakeholders and enables the organization to actively begin improvements.

Discussion Board

Discussion Board

Target Audience

  • Business Relationship Management teams
  • Business Relationship Management Leads
  • Provider Management Teams

Step 3 – Post Workshop

The workshop will use the discussion board as a way to capture the results. At the end of the workshop the results will be provided in a summary document to the sponsor of the workshop.