BRM is our stage

Peter Lijnse

Managing Partner / Executive Consultant

John Krogh

Managing Partner / Executive Consultant

Elka Schrijver

Managing Partner / Executive Consultant

Derek Storbakken

Senior Consultant / Operations Manager

Fiona Reaves

Sales Manager

Kelsey Gyarmati

Logistics Coordinator

A Collaborative Approach

Our first step is to listen to what your challenges are, what you need to change & improve, and how you see us being a part of that.

We then provide you with an approach on how to address your requirements.

Before any delivery, we do an intake interview with the sponsor and key participants. This is to make sure your expectations are met, and it is clear how our service will meet your requirements.

During the delivery, we check in on a regular basis, to ensure we are meeting your expectations. Our approach will provide you with a combination of theory and practical experience, so you are able to start improving immediately.

After the services are delivered, we will evaluate how things went, and how we can make sure you are ready to move forward.

We are with you from beginning to end, ready to help you succeed as you move forward with your new skills and knowledge.

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